About Cranberries Westland


Cranberries Westland is a small cranberry farm on the Old Christchurch Road near the West Coast town of Hokitika. We have about 3 acres of the farm planted in cranberries and hope next year’s harvest will bring in about 2000kg of fresh cranberries. Cranberries take around 5 years to get from planting to full fruiting in the West Coast climate so we’re preparing beds and planting new cranberries every year. The most successful variety is the Pilgrim although we do have a  small number of other cranberry cultivars as well.

Cranberries Westland supplies fresh and processed cranberry products locally, nationally from retail outlets and on-line from this website

As far as we are aware we are the only commercial cranberry farmers in New Zealand. We are always interested in catching up with others interested in the cranberry industry – so please do get in touch!

Our Cranberries

  • New Zealand’s only Cranberry Farm
  • 100% NZ superfruit
  • Quality in every aspect of our process, from the ground up
  • Pest free, sustainably farmed
  • We take pride in our professionalism and practicality
  • Unique and artisan products, batch made by hand in our farm kitchen


Cranberries Westland farm from above
Cranberries Westland farm from above.

About cranberries

This is a short video the previous farm owners Marj & Tony Allan made about the process of harvesting fresh cranberries. In a nutshell… this is what happens on our farm at harvest time.


The next video is all about Cranberry growing in the United States. Millions of tonnes of Cranberries! It is well worth watching if you’re interested in large scale cranberry farming. The lovely girl explains the plant’s growing cycle, what the berries are like and how they are flooded for harvesting.