The Cranberries Westland Farm is for sale!

A great business opportunity on the beautiful West Coast

Cranberries Westland is an artisan food business based just outside Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand and is the only commercial cranberry farm in NZ.

We grow genuine North American cranberries on our 4.5Ha (10 acres) farm on the Old Christchurch Road, supplying fresh, frozen and processed cranberry products to customers across New Zealand.

Westland Cranberries sell cranberries online and to supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide.

All our products are made with fresh fruit harvested on our farm. North American Cranberries are a slow growing fruit, taking five years to develop from planting to full fruiting.

Westland Cranberries is a business for sale that has a strong customer base, excellent infrastructure, lots of potential and it’s now ready for someone to take it to the next stage of development.

We have GAP certification for our farm as well as NP2 Certification and are GS1 Registered.

Listed for sale on TradeMe and with PGG Wrightsons in Hokitika

Horticulture business for sale
  • Packing shed
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Equipment shed
  • Chemical store
    Pump shed
  • Commercial chiller
  • Office/staff kitchen
  • Cranberry harvester
  • Cranberry sorter
  • Farm implements
  • House site with services
  • Accomodation option
  • Land 4.5HA
  • 8 cranberry beds- 2 HA
  • Pilgrim & Stevens varieties
  • Autumn harvest-one strike harvest.
  • Harvested berries have a long shelf
    life (6 weeks)
  • Direct sales from farm- internet
  • The only commercial planting of
    cranberries in Aotearoa.
  • Download PDF brochure >>
  • Range of shelf stable products
  • Existing relationships with supermarkets and specialty food stores nationally
  • Online sales platform
  • Healthy and very good for you
  • Christmas/ Thanksgiving focus
  • No competitors
  • Unique NZ product
  • Huge potential for development 

03 755 6883 / 021 937 863

Cranberry Farm Details

Land – total area:           4.53 hectares

Under cranberries:        Beds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 ( approx 2ha)
Fully productive beds:  2, 3 and 4
Establishing beds:         Beds 1 & 8: are used mostly for supply of cuttings

Bed 5:                               Productive in 2 years
Bed 6:                               Productive in 2 to 3 years
Bed 7:                               Productive in 5 years

Cranberry farm details


Packing Shed – A large roller door & standard entrance door. Concrete floors in bay shed with commercial chiller (3.6m by 3.6m by 2.4m high), 2 x domestic freezers, storage for product & ingredients, product packaging. Washing machine with a cleaning sink area. Built 2019. 13 x 9m.


Workshop -2 Bay shed workshop with a separate standalone shed for the pump system and chemical storage.


Kitchen – certified commercial.  4mx4m- Food grade stainless steel benches & sinks. Induction hobs and utensils. Gas water heating & fully compliant water filter and sterilising system. Food safety certification. 


Cranberry harvester, cranberry sorter, all kitchen appliances and equipment. Domestic freezers, water pump system, water filtration system, spray chemicals, spray tank, quad bike with sprayer, knap sack sprayer, Harrows, farm trailer.



Westland District Council- kitchen.
NP1 & NP2, GAP + GS1 certification.

Rates 2020
Cranberry Farm Map
Cranberries - 10kg minimum ordr.

There has been a significant investment in infrastructure and processes to allow for significant growth.

We have: 

– Built permanent sheds and working areas.
– Installed a commercial walk-in chiller (3.6m L by 3.6m W by 2.4m H)- for storage of fresh product.
Cranberry plants.– Built a separate chemical storage area & pump shed.
– Established an office, lunchroom and toilet area for staff (possible accommodation option).
– Significantly upgraded the irrigation system which works from a central control area.
– Replaced the water pumps and added storage tanks.
– Added water filtration & sterilising system for water.
– Developed and implemented an effective weed control plan.
– Processes- Harvesting and processing, drying & sorting processes in place.
– Significant investment in fencing, drainage, roadway and new cranberry beds.
– Cellphone & Wi fi available at farm.
– Invested in the use of bumblebees to increase pollination rates.
– Built a house pad (certified) and adjacent to services – option to buy the property with a small house on site.
– We work with local staff during harvest and cooking.
– The staff and we will be available to support new owners.

Achievments: 5 years selling cranberries

Kitchen, sales, office, and processed products.

– Rebranding
– Website with online sales portal.
– Social media presence – active Facebook & Instagram accounts.
– Commercial cooking – recipes and processes.
– Stock management processes.
– Reliable cooking & packing staff.
Cranberry products– NP2 & Westland District Council certification for kitchen.
– GAP & NP1 certification for fruit.
– GS1 registered (barcodes and recall processes).
– Health & Safety processes.
– Customer base – Registrations and sales with Foodstuffs (New World & Raeward fresh), Bidfood, Moore Wilson, Farro fresh and specialty food stores nationally.
– Online sales -wide customer base.
– PBT courier systems
– Excellent relationships with suppliers and customers
– Excellent records kept
– Commercial Freezer space in Christchurch used for extra storage of berries year round.

Cranberry products

We have kept our product range to shelf stable products with a 2 year shelf life. This was a business decision as we both also work off farm. 

There are two busy times of the year- cooking, September – December and harvesting in April.

There is ample opportunity to extend the product range and increase turnover.

Cranberry Relish with Lime & Cardamom
Cranberry Relish
Festive Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry Compote
Traditional Cranberry Jelly
Cranberry Jelly with Rosemary.
Cranberry Jelly with Chilli (Hot!)
Cranberry Farm growth and opportunities


  • Further development of online sales.
  • Further supply to supermarkets and specialty food stores.
  • Supply fresh and frozen product to commercial customers.
  • We’ve developed shelf stable products- healthy foods and drinks are ready for development.
  • Farm visits and food tourism. We occasionally do this and have had a great response.
  • The Farm is located close to the West Coast Wilderness Cycle Trail. It would be easy to add a tourism
    product that brings small groups through – tastings, accommodation etc.
  • We are a unique artisan business in an area that attracts independent travellers.
  • Farmers markets, local sales, gift boxes and partnerships with other producers. We get a great
    response when we do these, but we have not developed these markets.
  • We have all the certifications needed for sale of berries and products at lifestyle and commercial markets.
  • Accommodation – The area we use as a staff kitchen was built as an Air BnB unit. We’ve
    insulated and upgraded it.
  • We’ve invested in a certified house pad on the property adjacent to services.

Cranberry beds
Cranberry beds at Cranberries Westland