Shipping Information

Frozen and Chilled Cranberries

Cranberries 1kg.  Arriving chilled or defrosted. 
Your cranberries will arrive chilled or defrosted and ready to use – they may not be frozen.  
We pack them in chilltainers with frozen pouches and send them via NZ Post- target next-day delivery-  If you live in the North Island,  expect that they will take 2 days to arrive.  
We dispatch on Mondays. 
Cranberries refreeze well.
If this is not acceptable you may wish to postpone your order now and order fresh cranberries from us at harvest time (March-April).
Please get in touch if you’d like us to notify you when fresh cranberries are available. 
Cranberries are available in 1kg boxes only- the reason for this is shipping costs.  A 1kg Box costs us $19 to send, and anything over 1kg costs us $44 to send.   
Please get in touch if you are interested in larger orders. 
Cranberries are available only in 1kg amounts per order.

Price is per kg.


Fresh Cranberries (in season)

Harvest 2023 has finished. There may be some left to buy – check the product page.   


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Shipping frozen cranberries.